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Enjoy a wonderfully relaxing massage or in the comfort of the Inn by highly skilled, long time practitioners.  We will bring harmony to your body, reduce stress and tension, restore your energy, boost your circulation, improve flexibility and encourage healing with our customized massage.  Follow your massage with a sauna or hot soaking to bring harmony and relaxation to your body in our private cozy redwood sauna or jacuzzi hot tub. Couples massage also available. At Shasta MountINN Massage and Sauna, we aim to pamper you!

Massage Rates
One Hour: $85. / One Hour Deep Tissue: $100. 

Massage Techniques Offered

Signature Spa Massage • Deep Tissue Massage • Lomi Lomi • Reflexology Foot Massage • Hot Stone Massage


Massage & Body Healing services are available 7 days a week for your convenience, for both guests of Shasta MountINN as well as non-guests.  Appointments are necessary, please call us at to schedule. Spur of the moment is also welcome!

530-261-1926 (PH & TXT)​


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Herbal Remedies

 Mary Donnely, RN / CPEN  •  Certified Aroma Touch Practitioner  •  Certified Psych-K Facilitator 

Certified Heart Math Practitioner  •  Reiki Master Practitioner

For over 15 years Mary Donnely has devoted her life to healing others. Her long medical profession as a RN and CPEN (certified pediatric emergency nurse) has ignited her passion to delve deeper into the healing process of the mind-body connection and master the life long healing techniques she has studied in the past 5 years. She offers these healing sessions at the Shasta MountInn Resort and Spa, listed below.

Aroma Touch Technique

45 minute Session - $50.

Through her studies with the medicinal therapies of essential oils she found the Aroma Touch Technique, (ATT), a clinical approach to applying essential oils. Using 8 different essential oils, each oil is chosen specifically to support the whole body system including the immune system, musculoskeletal system, and circulatory system. Mary lightly massages each essential oil along energy lines and reflexology points including your back, shoulders, neck and feet for stimulating homeostasis and balancing the body. This technique calms and relaxes the mind   helping us return to our emotional balance.

Aroma Touch with Reiki 

60 minute Session - $75

Mary became a Reiki Master Practitioner in the Usui Reiki System, an ancient Japanese system of natural healing. Mary applies Reiki, a gentle technique using a natural exchange of the universal flow of life force energy between she and her patient for enhancing your Aroma Touch session. 

Certified Psych-K Facilitator

60-90 minute Session - $90

Psych K gets to the root of where mental, emotional, and physical health problems arise. Mary has found that all disease manifests on the subconscious level thru the unseen bodies: emotional, mental and spiritual. Psych K is a simple and direct way to change self limiting beliefs at the subconscious level of the mind where nearly all human behavior, both constructive and destructive originates. Your reality is created by your beliefs. These beliefs, usually subconscious are a result of a life long programming and represent a powerful influence on human behavior. One session of Psych K with Mary has the power to change years of self limiting beliefs and create more harmony, joy and peace. 

Certified Heart Math Practitioner

45-60 minute Session - $50

Heart math teaches and provides a set of simple tools to decrease stress and improve health. Our thoughts, attitude and emotions emit energetic fields. These individual field environments not only affect you, your health and perspective on life, they can also influence your relationships and experiences in your social environments as you interact with others even if you are merely in the same room. Mary teaches these simple tools to self regulate your emotions resulting in significant lower levels of stress and creating an abundance of health and happiness in your life.